Born as a renovating idea with the purpose of rescuing and preserving the Quichua culture of our country.


    Born as a renovating idea with the purpose of rescuing and preserving the Quichua culture of our country, with this in mind to focus a hotel service proposal based on a more natural and realistic conception in our country, of course providing a service of quality to all our customers. Years ago this idea was born as Kichwa Kingdom but after seeing a new door to reinvent and renew it acquired the name of Chasky Kingdom as it visualizes its creators Olmedo and Luis Mashqui, two visionary brothers who wish to have more knowledge about their culture and Quichua roots , with a wide experience of over 25 years in the tourism and hotel market in Ecuador, as well as being recognized for their performance and profession as National Tourism Guides.







    At our reception you can find out all the tourist information of our region. Our staff will help you with the necessary information so that your stay does not have problems. You can find out about the different alliances we have with tour operators, restaurants and pubs in the area; all of them with discounts and benefits for you.


    Every morning we have breakfast to provide the necessary energy to our guests, you can enjoy a variety of cereals and breads, ham, salami, cheese, among others, all this to accompany a large bowl of tea or coffee.


    Our patio has the typical vegetation of our region, giving you a perfect environment for relaxation where you can enjoy reading a good book under the sun of our region. At night you can appreciate the cleanliness of our sky.


    On our terrace you can interact with other guests, share moments of relaxation and recreation, it is also where each morning your breakfast will be waiting for you.



    In our terrace and reception you can enjoy the books we have for you.